Small Businesses and Labor Support Washington County Chair Andy Duyck

Today, small businesses and labor joined hands in supporting a leader everyone can count on. The Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council along with the Beaverton, Hillsboro and Wilsonville chambers of commerce have announced their support of the re-election efforts of Washington County Chair Andy Duyck.

“There is a lot at stake in this election, we’re looking at two visions for the county that couldn’t be more different,” said Chair Duyck. “I firmly believe that quality of life in Washington County is greatest when the economy is strong. Our county is the economic engine of the state and it’s because we continue to work with all of our local partners, including local businesses and workers.”

Duyck was elected Chair during the height of the recession. Since then, Washington County’s unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half from 10 percent in 2010 to 5.8 percent today.

“Washington County recovered from the recession much sooner than other counties in the metropolitan area because the County was proactive in deterring the economic downturn,” said John DiFalco, Chair of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce PAC. “Chair Duyck led the effort to streamline county departments and ensure that local businesses had the support they needed to continue growing.”

“The efforts of Washington County to encourage business growth during the recession helped working families,” said Willy Myers, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council. “The latest expansions of Nike and Intel are supporting thousands of middle class workers throughout the county, from Building Trades members, architects, engineers to product designers. The leadership of Chair Duyck and the Washington County Board of Commissioners have helped make this possible.”

The chambers of commerce and trade unions join a broad coalition of supporters, which includes several agricultural groups, developers, school board members, Intel, Nike and all of the mayors in Washington County.